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Hi Everyone! My name is Ashley Atkin and I’m lucky enough to be Shari Atkin’s sister-in-law. All of us that love Shari and her family wanted to create this fundraising campaign in order to help relieve some of the financial stress that accompanies a health crisis like the one Shari is in.

She is in need of a double lung transplant and is in the process of being put on the transplant list. As most of you know, Shari lives in Idaho and her treatment is all taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. Travel and lodging costs alone have greatly increased for their family, not to mention all of the out-of-pocket medical expenses they have had to cover.

Updates (9)

March 9, 2015

It has been a good month of “no news is good news.” Shari has been progressing through her pulmonary therapy. She has not had any major back-slides and we are all amazed at the difference the new lungs have made.

She doesn’t wear oxygen at all during the day, including while working out for therapy. They are even letting her take a spring break “vacation” to our home in Idaho. It will probably be rough going back to Salt Lake after being able to sleep in her own bed, but we are all excited for the chance to live together for a week and Shari is excited get some lovin’ from our animals (and the dog and cat).

February 2, 2015

Shari is getting out of the hospital today. It has been a full month and we have not done a very good job of keeping this site up to date. After about a week’s regression with Primary Graft Dysfunction and being on an ECMO for blood oxygenation, Shari has made steady improvement.

She is headed to her Uncle Larry’s house to be in the area of the hospital with her mom and she is unbelievably excited about the change from being inpatient. We are a bit nervous as well for this next stage of recovery, but it all is part of the process.


January 17, 2015

Shari, hang in there. :) The first month is the hardest. It is so wonderful to breath !!! Life wil be do enriching for you. I would love to meet you I live in Logan but I'm down at the U a lot. New lungs are such a wonderful blessing! I'll keep you in my prayers. Jerusha

Jerusha Daines

January 5, 2015

Shari, I'm so glad you are getting a new breath! May you and your family be blessed!

Erin Feik

December 29, 2014

Keep Fighting Shari!! We love you and hope and pray that everything goes well!

Richard & Cyndi Grounds

December 15, 2014

You are one incredible lady! Hang in there!!

Jen Merkley