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Jackie Ballard is a 57-year-old woman struggling with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). She has been told that her only chance at survival is to have a kidney transplant – she is working with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville towards that goal. Jackie is most fortunate to have a living donor, her dear husband, Charles. After 19 years of marriage, Charles is committed to seeing Jackie through her transplant. It is rare to find a husband and wife that are medically compatible for transplant. This is such a blessing!

Jackie grew up in Washington, DC and graduated from Chamberlain Vocational High School. She then studied cosmetology – a profession she worked in for more than 35 years. Additional areas of employment included serving as a front desk agent at the Best Western in DC, as a substitute teacher for grades K-9 in Maryland and working at the Florida School for the Blind and Deaf — serving as a residential instructor for the blind female students. Working with the public sector was something Jackie always enjoyed.