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I Need a Kidney Transplant and Your Help!

My life was completely changed 17 years ago when I was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. At 19, I was rushed to the emergency room and immediately placed on hemodialysis. I accepted the hemodialysis catheter that was placed in my neck as a blessing — a lifesaver. Prior to that, I had experienced undiagnosed medical problems that in the end left me deathly ill. Once I was placed on dialysis I was also told that my only chance at a healthy life was to have a kidney transplant.


January 21, 2015

This Oliver Betts, Nickie Taylor is my youngest daughter. This have been a life change for all of us. I remember when i first learned, That Nickie had kidney failure. It changed all our lives. I was worried she wouldn't be able to live a normal life. Once she received the kidney my baby girl was living a very normal life. You wouldn't know she had kidney failure. Now it's time for her to get another. I notice she's not as active as she was. That worries me a lot im not happy unless my kids are happy. It's a hurtful feeling when you can't help your baby feel better.

Oliver Betts jr

January 20, 2015

this is nickie little brother Justin Boyde my sister is a very amazing person and i am honored to have her as my sister because she has been there for me since i was a baby and all i can remember is the love she shown me she has always been there for everyone even when she isnt feeling well. I love her very much i want to keep her in my life. So please if you can.. Help her with a donation thank you

Justin Boyde

January 19, 2015

this is nickies mom again one more thing I want every one to know Nickie have made my life a better one because she is in it

Francie Betts

January 19, 2015

This is Jessica, Nickies sister. I am 15 years old and my sister has been there for me all my life. I love her very much and I do not want her to leave me this early in life. She means so much to me, even though we bicker sometimes she's still the best sister ever. We may live in different states, but when she comes to visit it's like we've never left each other. I hope you can help her. Thank you.