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Megan Lowe is only 35 years-old, and she desperately needs a liver transplant. Megan was born with a chronic and serious illness of her liver, known as hepato-pulmonary syndrome; caused by the alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. Megan is dependent on continuous oxygen, and she is unable to work due to medical complications. A liver transplant is Megan’s only hope to resume her normal life as an active, young woman.

On a personal level, Megan graduated from Smith Valley High School in Smith, Nevada. She has loving parents and step-parents that support Megan every step of the way. Megan currently resides in Macon, Georgia and she is actively working with the transplant coordinator at Emory University to soon be listed for her surgery. Megan’s upcoming transplant will be lifesaving, but very expensive.

Updates (3)

September 27, 2016

Hello, have not updated my page in quite awhile. I have moved to a much better place, which is closer to my family. My fiance is still my caregiver 24/7, due to the extremely long waiting list for a caregiver to come help me everyday. Doctors suggest I not be alone at all, so it’s a struggle to get by in every aspect of my life anymore. My alpha1 is getting worse, but I try to stay active and get out of bed. And keep a positive attitude. Mind over matter to a point. Still have not recieved a transplant, but know when the blessing comes, I will be ready. I hope this finds you well and if you donate it is a huge, huge help. Thankyou so very much, even if it’s kind words or prayers, all is appreciated greatly. God bless, Megan Lowe

March 24, 2015

Hello. I want to thank everyone for helping me and my family during this hard time. I am still awaiting transplant. I am still on 5litters of oxygen and I am still fighting for a healthier, better life. My little brother is not carrying the same genotype and I thank God that I am the only one with the serious alpha1 diagnosis. That keeps me going. This will be a fight but I have a great family and all of you. Thank you all so much. God bless,Megan


March 17, 2015

Megan, I'm so sorry you are going through all this!

️Bethanie Triplett