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Joel Needs Your Help

Dear Friends, Family and Community:

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June 10, 2019

Having spine surgery June 18 . Remove the screw on my disc. Put new screw in and refuse upper fusion that came unfused. Hope my spascisity and nerves return to normal. Not looking forward to the surgery recovery and rehab. After 3 years of bulging discs and mechanical failure now in early stages of congenital disc disease and arthritis. Wish me luck I might need it.

May 4, 2019

Big health updates after chronic uti’s & sepsis, beat c-diff- lost 40 lbs. though . Finding out my central cord /myofascial pain was probably from the fact upper hardware never fused. Lower hardware is detaching and a screw on disc pinching nerves. Now it looks like I’m going back in for more screws and fuseing. This will need help. Health Care has changed since 2013. We really appreciate all the people the people that has helped us get so far . There is a benefit. planning but no dates yet
Stay Tuned. .

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December 20, 2018

Hope all is well, saw your mom and Amy recently. Thinking of you and your family, Donna

Donna Blasena

May 16, 2018

Hoping 2018 is a great year for you and the Cubs!

Vincent Ciolino

November 1, 2017

We hope you are coping well..

Tom & Janet Brown

May 26, 2017

Free Fun Run for Joel called Roll with Joel or! Come out tomorrow to HRC! Run starts at 8 am. Donations encouraged and accepted.

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