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My sister, Melinda Nelson is 38 years old and is very ill. After years of struggling with Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction, a multi-visceral transplant is her only hope for survival. Mindy is one of the kindest people you’d hope to meet and she needs our help.

Mindy is the loving wife of Roy, a wonderful mother to Chad (11), Grace (7) and Hannah (6), a daughter, sister and good friend to many. Mindy will undergo this risky multiple organ transplant because she wants to be able to raise her children and live the fullest life possible. She wants to see them in their elementary school plays, middle school dances, high school sports and off to college. This critical transplant is about survival, as well as buying time and creating more memories for her children.

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December 14, 2015

Melinda's Campaign was featured in a HelpHOPELive Blog post:

December 4, 2015

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November 13, 2015

Hi Mindy,

I too am a multi visceral transplant patient. My surgery was May 6, 2012! What a wonderful blessing it was. I too have Dr. Mangus, although Dr.Viana was my original surgeon. The entire team at IU is fantastic! I am so very grateful to have my life back as I know you are too. Fortunately, we live close to Indianapolis so I didn't have to go anywhere else while waiting for my transplant. I am sure it has been so difficult for you to be so far away from your family and home. Prayers that you will be able to heal quickly and go home. May each day find you stronger and stronger!

If I can ever be any help, such as sharing with someone who has been through it, please feel free to contact me. I'm on Facebook with the name Susan Moran
Van Markwyk. Wishing you smooth sailing in the days ahead!

Susan VanMarkwyk

November 13, 2015

Hi Mindy and family,

My name is Haley Hodgen and I too just had a 5 organ transplant at University Hospital. I was transplanted by Dr Mangus on August 17. I just read your story and got so excited to hear about another woman with a similar experience. I go to clinic on Thursdays and do labs on Mondays. Maybe I'll see you there next time!

I hope you are recovering well and every day is better than the last!

All the best,

Haley Hodgen

November 11, 2015

Hello my name is Jeannine McKinney and I had a Multi-organ transplant at IU too!! DR. MANGUS is awesome! I am 3 1/2 year post transplant. I just wanted to say hi and Congratulations! I am on fb under Jeannine Carroll McKinney.

Jeannine McKinney