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Our daughter, Josie Setters desperately needs a kidney transplant! When Josie was only 5 years-old, she began to experience problems with her kidneys. She was eventually diagnosed with end-stage-renal-disease, and was told by her doctors that a kidney transplant was her only hope to survive. Josie is presently on a restricted diet, limiting her to certain foods and drink. Without the surgery, Josie will eventually require dialysis, and will have to remain in the hospital on a daily basis. Her only hope to resume a normal life as an 8 year-old, is to receive her lifesaving kidney transplant in the very near future.

Despite her condition Josie is an energetic and joyful little girl. She attends the 2nd grade and loves both of her puppies, “Fiona” and “Buddy”. Josie wants nothing more than to return to eating pizza and drinking hot chocolate, and live the life every 8 year-old should be living!

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February 27, 2017

A new picture with a great story:

Josie likes sour candy. She’s a bit of a fan of Warheads from time to time. Josie’s grandma apparently wrote a letter to Warheads with her story. Today we got a package! Looks like they put together a care package for her. She’s pumped!

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July 8, 2015

You got this Josie! God has big plans for you....

Shea McClung

June 26, 2015

GOD bless you Josie. The Rentrios family is praying for you everyday and will support you and anyway we can. We love your family very much. Your are an adorable little girl.


January 25, 2015

Hey baby girl your strong an outgoing love ya with all my heart Aunt Cinny !!!!

Aunt Cinny

January 15, 2015

Little Josie, your great uncle is praying for you. Our God is an AWESOME GOD !! And He does answer prayer. May he give your parents strength through these trying times, and give you the kidney you need. I DO love you and your momma !!!

Michael Brandt