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Three years ago, the unthinkable happened when I took a fall while mountainbiking, broke my back and became paralyzed. Since that time, I have tried to continue living life to the fullest and try to remain positive about the hope of someday regaining sensation and mobility back. It’s not always easy, especially as I face continuous uninsured medical expenses and needs.

Most recently, I was being considered for an Exoskeleton Robotics research study but did not meet the requirements of bone density. My bone scan indicated that I have very low bone density and am on the cusp of osteoporosis. While this is a condition many paralyzed individuals face, it happened very quickly to me. This is not only scary but also very distressing because there is a strong possibility if it gets worse, I will not be able to walk again even if my sensory and motor function return, due to the high fracture risk.


January 31, 2018

You’re such an inspiration ❤️

Ashley H

January 19, 2018

Hope all is going well and you end up with that equipment you need. Dont want to see you off the dirt.


January 17, 2018

Love watching your progress on Instagram, you motivation and go get em attitude is inspiring!

Emer Murphy

January 17, 2018

Keep kicking ass