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A few years ago, my dear friend Brenda Baker came down with a severe case of the flu. The virus lingered for many weeks and traveled throughout Brenda’s body, eventually attacking her heart. Brenda was soon diagnosed with severe Cardiomyopathy; the measurable deterioration of the heart muscle’s ability to contract. Without treatment, this condition can lead to an irregular heartbeat and sudden cardiac death.

Brenda spent weeks in the hospital hoping to recover, however she took a turn for the worse and was placed in the hands of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, where surgeons removed her diseased heart during an emergency surgery. Brenda is now living with a temporary “artificial heart” and she is hooked to a machine 24/7 that is keeping her alive. Her artificial heart is only temporary, and Brenda must receive the gift of life through a lifesaving heart transplant — or she won’t survive much longer.


October 29, 2015

Hello Brenda! I just spoke with you a couple of hours ago when you called about renting an apartment. We spoke about your medical condition, and the hope that you have for your future. I told you at the end of our call, "Speaking with you made it worth coming to work today." I told my daughter about you after work, she googled "Brenda artificial heart," and found this site. You're an inspiration and we will be sending you positive thoughts as you go through this journey.

Laura and Brianna Poteat