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Fred Mutter is a 50 year-old man who, after years of struggling with chronic renal failure due to Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), is in need of a kidney transplant. Fred is one of the kindest most sincere people you will meet, with an added bit of spunk! He needs your help, as the cost of a transplant can be quite overwhelming. His daughter is eagerly waiting to donate her kidney to Fred, which in and of itself can be quite costly.

Fred is a native Rhode Islander and owner of the family business, Mutter Motors Inc., where he has sold cars for over 30 years. Fred is still able to work full-time, with the exception of the days he goes to dialysis. It is beneficial for him to work each day and maintain a normal life as much as possible and we are all quite surprised how well he has done! However, he understands dialysis is not a long-term option for someone so young, so alongside his wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson they are seeing him through the transplant!


April 5, 2015

To cousin Fred,Diana & family-We know that with the prayers & love & support of your immediate family,and all of us in your extended family that you will be able to get through this-if there is anything you need,please do not hesitate to contact us-we LOVE you.

Jim & Gerry

February 25, 2015

Sorry, It was Dorothy in the last note. LOL


February 25, 2015

Fred and Dianna: I'm here for both of you. Tickets are bought for the fundraiser and let me know what else I can do. You know what I really wanted to do and it hurts so much I couldn't.

Love you both so much

February 20, 2015

We are thinking of you Fred.

Kim (Lima) and Anthony Ritacco