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Annette needs your helping hand

Annette has battled chronic liver disease for 20 years. Over the recent few years the disease has become progressively worse. In turn, her current state has deemed a liver transplant as the only remedy for a continuation of her life. With humble regards your help to ease the hefty financial load acquired throughout this transplant process is greatly appreciated. Annette has a heart for people and loves to use her gifts, energy, and time toward the service of others, whenever physically capable she volunteers at a local food bank. She has touched so many people’s lives through her service, and plans to continue with your help.
After many years of helping others, Annette is now in need of your handing hand. Even with Medicaid coverage, there are necessary medications required for pre- and post-transplant progression, clinic visits, and deductible costs exceeding ( $30,000). Also there is a need with travel and lodging expenses to be closer to Vanderbilt Hospital and the surrounding facilities.


February 18, 2015

Mom, GOD entrusts only the strong and best for the most difficult tasks. I pray and I know He will turn your pain into your Pleasure, Your trials into Triumph, I love you! GOD's got you! When we try we fail, But when we trust, He succeeds!

Your loving daughter

February 18, 2015

To my beautiful and wonderful wife, who has more strength, resilience and courage than any person I know. You are an Angel on earth. As my daughter always says " Trust GOD, he's already there."

Your loving husband