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Dear Friends, Family and Community,

My son, Storm Smith (23), suffers from end- stage renal failure. His doctors at the Medical University of South Carolina have told us that he is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant. The good news is that I am a perfect match and will be his living donor.

Updates (5)

May 12, 2015

Well the time is finally here! Packing up to go to the hospital. Lots of jammies and socks! We donate blood tomorrow and surgery is Wednesday morning. We are the first up on the surgery schedule @ 5:45am. At least we don't have to sit around fasting! The earlier the better I think. Storm is in good spirits and confident in the outcome. I only have an 8 week recovery but Storms is 4 to 6 months!!! We did not realize that until Friday. 6 months with no job will be very interesting. Please keep us in your prayers! Feel free to share our site with those you know! We have a long way to out goal.....But our God is bigger Than our goal. Sweet dreams!

April 17, 2015

Hey everyone! Storm and I are about 3 weeks out! Crazy how fast time flies! I thought it would be like waiting for Christmas but instead it is like tax times, comes to fast and your never ready!!! Learning so much through all of this. We also found a great way to help future transplant recipients! More on that soon. Storm is doing well, tired and a little anxious about what is about to happen, but ready for this to be behind him. He is worried about his mom too! Lol I have lost a total of 44 pounds and I am in great health so I should bounce back fast! Not lifting for 8 weeks will be my challege!

We are a ways from our fundraising goal, but God has shown us so many miracles along this path that we are just trusting and watching what God does.

We would love any fundraising ideas you may have !

Also, please sign the guest page so we know you stopped by and are praying for us! We are grateful for each of you!


May 18, 2015

Thinking about you both and praying for a quick recovery.

Tammy Clement

May 14, 2015

Continually praise and pray for the successful surgery and the for the recovery time.

Kim & Spencer

May 13, 2015

Praying! Grandbuddy and Grannyhudi