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Milton Elliott Jr., my 54 year-old loving husband, a father and grandfather is fighting for his life. Over 10 years ago, Milton was diagnosed with a serious condition of his liver, known as Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). This condition causes inflammation and fibrosis of the bile ducts, and as a result has caused Milton’s liver to fail. Without a liver transplant, Milton will continue to remain sick, and his time will eventually run out. Milton is a very kind and generous man who has reached out to help others his whole life. Milton is now asking for his community to help him receive the gift of life through a lifesaving liver transplant.

Milton’s loving family is committed to supporting and seeing him through his upcoming surgery at Duke University Medical Center. A longtime resident of North Carolina, Milton went to Midway High School until his parents passed away at a very young age. Milton then dropped out of school to work full time and help support and raise his five younger siblings. We later met and eventually got married and had children of our own. Milton now spends his free time with our children and loving grandchildren, however his time spent with them is limited due to his condition. Currently out of work, Milton wishes more than ever to resume his normal life, and spend every minute he can with his family and friends.

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June 14, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Milton who received the gift-of-life and has been blessed with a new liver on Sunday, June 12th. Milton's liver transplant surgery went very well. While he is still in ICU, Milton is recovering each day and his strength is slowly returning. Milton and his family would still greatly appreciate your kind and generous contributions to help with his out-of-pocket expenses, post-transplant. Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers and kind contribution. We are grateful for your love and support!!