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Jennifer Chaillie is anything but your average 29-year-old woman. An Arizona native, Jen has always had a passion for helping others. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, Jen began her career as a social worker and dedicated herself wholeheartedly to improving kids’ lives across the valley. When she obtained her Masters in Social Work, she began helping children who have experienced trauma, work their way through the healing process. From those closest to her, to people who are mere acquaintances, everyone agrees that Jen is a selfless, generous young woman whose kindness knows no bounds.
On May 29, 2011, Jennifer suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a diving accident. Her neck was broken in two places, and the extent of this trauma remains to be seen. She is moving her arms well and she improves a little bit each day. Although this is obviously progress, doctors are still saying that there is only a 10% chance that she will be able to walk again. Despite this grim prognosis, Jen has kept her spirits high.
Even with insurance, Jen will have many uninsured injury-related expenses such as: home modifications, a modified vehicle which will allow her greater independence, rehabilitation therapy and equipment, just to name a few. How fitting, then, to be able to give back to someone who is so used to being the giver.
To help with the cost of these uninsured expenses and recovery–based therapies, a fundraising campaign in Jen’s honor has been established with HelpHOPELive (formerly NTAF), a nonprofit organization that has been assisting the catastrophic injury community for nearly 30 years. In 2000, they expanded their mission to include those who have sustained a catastrophic injury. All contributions are tax-deductible, are held by HelpHOPELive in the Southwest Spinal Cord Injury Fund, and are administered by HelpHOPELive for injury-related expenses only. Please consider making a donation today.You can follow Jennifer’s story and track her progress at We thought it would be appropriate to end with one of Jennifer’s favorite quotes: “It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
Thank you in advance for any financial, prayerful, or physical support you can give.

Family and Friends of Jennifer


November 9, 2011

Love ya Jen! You inspire me!! Keep moving forward; your story is going to touch the hearts and lives of countless people... i just know it!

Jennifer Westlake