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Help Our Sister Sue Keep Breathing!

Please allow us to introduce our sister, Sue Woodman Criswell, age 60, who is very ill. In the past Sue was a vivacious, outgoing, fun loving woman with a strong thirst for life and new adventures. When it comes to family she is selfless, loyal to a fault, and always putting others before herself. The last five years, Sue dedicated herself to the care of Mom and Mom’s fight with cancer and dementia. Now that Mom has passed, Sue could be able to live the rest life exploring all the opportunities that are ahead of her before she dies. She has a strong will for life and knows that there are more things she needs to do before the last breath. Unfortunately, Sue is fighting for her life; she needs a double lung transplant.

Updates (9)

February 5, 2016

Well everybody I owe an apology to my anonymous contributor. I have been so busy just trying to get used to the medicines that I have been not checking my page! My latest update is that they have been changing my medicines around so much that I am constantly nauseated and just waiting impatiently for the stomach to settle in,(such a baby). Please let me thank you so very much for the donation. I would like to thank you in person or by e-mail if you would just let me know who you are! Thinking of you constantly anyway and like I said before let me know if there is anyway I could give back or just give a hand in something! Again thank you, it will help so much. Lots of love and great thoughts… Sue

January 20, 2016

Well I have some news! As of December 23rd I received two brand new lungs at the University of Colorado Hospital. The operation lasted about 10 hours ( I did not feel a thing) Have had a rough couple of weeks, I got out of the hospital around the 19th of January and have been acting like a baby since then!! So far the biggest is the nausea because of the drugs and they are experimenting with getting the right doses so I do not reject them. My lungs came from an 18 year old and that is about the only information so far that I have received about her, she was small and her lungs were in perfect health. I have been so blessed and yet overwhelmed that I will have to write about all that later after I let it sink in for a while. Right now I feel wonderful that I can breath and I am surprised how it feels. I know for sure that when mom and Jim got together with God did not have a chance!! It is funny how I knew when I was getting the lungs, but more on that later. How do I thank you all for all your prayers and thoughts and well wishes and money! I love you all so much and if there is any chance I can return anything to anyone please let me know! Bye for now Sue


January 20, 2016

Such a great update, Sue!! So happy for you!! And we sure know, Jim had something to do with this, right?! Blessings to the young woman who chose to be an organ donor! Prayers that things even out with the drugs needed for your ongoing recovery.

Paula Woodman

April 2, 2015

Sue I am sorry you are so ill.I am also sorry that we don't know each other as adults.I really only know Dave in this time of our life.I was sorry to hear about your Mom.Thank you for the care you gave her.I will keep you in my prayers.Wish I could give more,hope many people help.Fondly,your cousin

Sharon Woodman Hein

March 31, 2015

I can not get you out of my mind. Thats a good thing because I can't stop chanting for you either. You are a warrior!

Love, Helen