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Help Jenny Get Her New Kidney And Pancreas!

My sister Jenny is going through a life-threatening health crisis and needs your help to get her through it.


October 23, 2016

Hello sister!!! You stay strong!!! All will be good!!,,just give me the name!! I'll go kill them and we will get u 2 kidneys,,I got !! I'll aim for the heas so we can get the kidneys

The Bad Guy

October 18, 2016

Always stay strong with a big smile. LLove ya Henry. Marylyn


June 24, 2015

My dearest friend Jenny, words cannot express the joys and laughter we've shared throughout these yrs. Your a one-of -a-kind woman that I greatly admire. I know your transplant will be a great success. & will allow you to enjoy life as you should. Just know I'm ALWAYS here for you.ALWAYS Jenny

Siobhan Torres