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Freddie Needs Your Help!

Freddie Hale is a 50-year-old man who has lived with diabetes for the better part of almost 20 years. Over the generations, there has been a long family history of diabetes. However, 3 years ago Freddie’s world was turned upside down when his kidneys started failing; now they only function at 6%. The only reason he’s alive today, is because of his dialysis treatment three times a week.

Updates (6)

March 16, 2017

Today we met with part of the team from Swedish Hospital for a check up & just to go over everything yet again. The good news is that one of the Nephrologists we saw today let us know that Freddie may only have another year and a half to 2 years left to wait before Freddie will start getting calls with offers to accept or deny possible cadaver kidneys. Since he has almost already been waiting almost 3 years coming up.

Lastly, as of my last post we were pretty sure that Freddie was going to be relisted on the kidney donor waiting list because he had had significant improvement in his heart issues, they are currently working to have him keeping on working on it with medicine therapy but he has officially been GREEN lighted & relisted to the waiting list!!!

Next step: planning & arranging our spring/summer fundraiser for the transplant, I have arranged a band to perform for entertainment, now to secure a location for the fundraiser!!!!

November 28, 2016

So with Freddie's set back with his heart issues is hopefully on it's way out! Yeah! His Cardiologist increased some medicine that he was taking to help strengthen his heart & it seems to have worked!!!! So Freddie was under the possible risk of having to have a pace maker put in but hopefully now that can be avoided! With his last ultrasound the images showed improvement & so the Dr. Told us in his words that there was "significant improvement" so we have an upcoming appointment this Friday, so we will see where we can go from here & hopefully we will be told that he is going to get the green light and will be relisted for the transplant list! Fingers crossed!


August 9, 2023

Love You Cuz♡TAKE CARE♡


March 17, 2017

Freddie you ate the best!

Eric and Diana Spritzer

December 10, 2015

Love you Uncle Freddy

Johnny Keena