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On July 29, 2014 our son, Logan was enjoying a sunny day at the Comal River before his senior year began and took a dive that changed his life. As a former Schlitterbahn lifeguard, he was no stranger to river or safety procedures and did not expect that this dive would break his C5 vertebrate and leave him paralyzed.

Initially, there was no way to know the severity of the injury or how forcefully it would impact our family. What was immediately apparent was Logan’s inability to move. Logan was air-lifted to a hospital in San Antonio which was better equipped to handle spinal cord injuries. After two weeks in the neuro-ICU, he was transferred to TIRR in Houston. We were, of course, thankful to be taking active steps towards repair of the damaged communication between Logan’s brain and body.

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July 31, 2017

Hi everyone

Thank you all for your continued support for Logan. Keep up with all that he is doing on Facebook "

March 6, 2016

Feb. 11, 2016 was scary as we almost lost Logan to a kidney stone that we didn't know he had until he went into septic shock. They did not do surgery because he was not stable. Monday 3/7/16 we will find out if they can now go in and do surgery to remove the stone but they have to make sure the bacteria is gone. The bacteria he had gotten was a really nasty one. So please be in prayers that it will be a go for surgery !!!

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September 8, 2015

God Bless you Logan love and prayers sweet boy, I've known your Mom for years she's a great lady and a Mother's love together with God mountains can move, So don't lose Faith and you will walk again, love and prayers

Laura Cardenas