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June 1, 2016 – good news! A wonderful person has stepped up to donate half of their liver to Carol The person who will remain unnamed at this time has cleared all the hurdles of being accepted as a donor, a great accomplishment already! Now we await the surgeons’ decision on how soon to move ahead with the transplant! It will be soon, that’s all I can say for now. Help Carol get a new liver! A donor has stepped forward and everything is in place for the transplant!

Carol Schrum is in immediate need of a liver transplant to save her life. She is a married with two beautiful stepdaughters and two wonderful grandchildren. She is a remarkable woman who has been battling liver disease since the early 80s and has come to the point where a transplant is her only option left. Though insurance covers some of the more major costs of the procedure, there are other expenses that are not covered which can be considerable.

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October 3, 2016

Successfully Transplanted!!

September 8, 2016

Thanks to the incredible gift of life of my living organ donor, and dear friend Rob, my liver transplant is scheduled on September 26th!!! My husband Tim and I are excited and a little nervous… Excited for the opportunity to enjoy many more happy years together- and nervous because we have a funding shortfall of about $8,000.

It’s hard to think about money at a time when we are feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the friends and family and perfect strangers that have so kindly given so that I may have this surgery.

However, even at best case scenario, the direct uninsured cost of the transplant and pre/ post care for me and my donor is more than the $32K total we have raised. Please visit my page at and search Carol Schrum Liver PA to support our transplant care.

For this we thank you, Carol & Tim Schrum

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