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Michael Farinacci was diagnosed with a serious and progressive lung condition known as emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. In recent years, Michael’s lung function has significantly declined and after extensive medical testing, he is now eligible to be placed on the active lung transplant list at The University Hospital in Aurora, Colorado.

Michael has a heart of gold and has reached out to help others in need his entire life. He earned a psychology degree out of college and worked as the detox coordinator and counselor for those struggling with alcohol dependency. Michael has always made it a priority to help those less fortunate than him. He even volunteers at the local hospital with others who have COPD and is even active in promoting public awareness of his medical condition. Michael relies on oxygen 24/7 to breathe, however despite his difficulties, he has been doing everything he can to live a healthy and active lifestyle as he awaits for his transplant. Michael vigorously exercises up to four days/week and has even adopted an anti-inflammatory diet which has helped both his overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Michael looks forward to his lung transplant surgery and the recuperation process; he is committed that this opportunity will bring him a new lease on life, and he is ready to make the best of each and every day!

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