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Evelyn worked for a nonprofit for almost 20 years, helping to raise millions of dollars for the developmentally disabled. She loved her career and helping several charities throughout five states. Her only regret in her life was having picked up that first cigarette at 15 years old. She smoked for 17 years, also having bronchitis at least four times per year. When she quit smoking at age 33 Evelyn became very health-conscious and committed herself to a daily exercise plan. But unfortunately, the damage had been done, and at age 40 she was diagnosed with COPD.

Updates (3)

June 27, 2015

Yahoooooo!!! Just had 58th birthday!!! Had a great birthday week…spent some time at the beautiful coast here. Rick and I went to Big Sur for lunch….so beautiful. I will be posting pics on Facebook! Thanks to my bro, Ken, Rick, and all of my beloved friends for all the good wishes and support.
The process of getting sicker and trying to stay strong physically, emotionally and mentally is very difficult. I hope and pray to get that call from Stanford but live my life the best I can daily. Quality of life has changed drastically, but I cherish even the small things I can still do. I will be posting some pics soon!!

April 10, 2015

just a thought…I have always asked two things from the people I love. The first thing is to please, please quit smoking. Or if they know someone who smokes to please help them to quit smoking. I started smoking at 15 and smoked until I was 31. At 40 I began feeling the effects COPD, and by 50 my life drastically changed. The second thing I ask, if you haven’t yet, is to consider being an organ donor. I have been an organ donor since I was 21 and still remain so. A donor can save up to five lives and help numerous others with the other types of transplants.
I hope you are all well. My next Stanford appointment is May 13th, I will be doing the pulmonary function test and sitting down with the transplant doctors to see if I’m ready to be moved up on the list…. so just hope.
love as always


April 11, 2015

My dear friend.....I know it is a rough journey you are on, but keep the faith and continue your fight. You Will succeed! We are all pulling for you. Love,

Avery Anderson

April 10, 2015

Hi Love, There's a long road ahead and you've crossed the a long road to get to this point. U are the Strongest person I know. Fighting to stay healthy is your best strength. Keep on fighting until the lungs come. AND THEY WILL!!!! Love Rick

Rick Gray