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Tim was transplanted 3 days before our wedding anniversary on July 8, 2016!
He looks incredible. His sense of humor is back, his hearing is improved and he is walking 30-35 minutes a day on the treadmill.
Thank you and may God bless you for your support and prayers.
Theresa Tim Ryan and Izzy

Update October 19, 2015
We were very happy to learn that Tim is cancer free!
He is doing very well.
We are managing the side effects of his disease and are truly grateful for every day we have together.

Updates (1)

July 20, 2016

On July 7, 2016 Tim received his liver transplant! It was five years in the making- but worth every second.
His skin is healing, his muscles are coming back, and best of al, that funny witty, clever and brilliant man I married is back!
Thank you. If you donated a prayer, money, or your time, we are so grateful. God bless you.
Thank you Lori, Cyd, Jacki, Sam, Charlie, Lindsey and Linda. I am more grateful than I could ever say.


June 4, 2015

Your family remains in my thoughts day-to-day. I like Tim so much, I truly hope things turn around for him soon.

Drew Droegemeier

May 30, 2015

Dear Theresa, It was a pleasure to be partners in the Graduation ceremony. There was this especial light that came from you. Now, I understand. The loving hand of God over your head causes you to radiate so much joy. Blessings and prayers for you and your family.

Alma R Wilson

April 30, 2012

Hi Timothy, We donated $100 after reading your article in Explorer. My hubby, George and I cried while reading it and had to do something. Praying for a miracle for you either by God's divine hand alone or through his working with a transplant. God be with you as you fight this battle. I pray they will begin the transplant process even before the total amount is reached.

Becky & George Esslinger, Tucson, AZ

April 29, 2012

I have only known the Chavezs family for a few months, but they have already taken a HUGE piece of my heart. I love them so much and and see everyday the wonders of Christ in this familys life. They encourage me daily to love everyone due to the way they love all who eneter their lives. I have never meet a family like this. I love them so much! Please, please help this wonderful man and (family) so that he may live and watch his wonderful family grow up. They have changed my life, so please, help Tim to stay around so that he may continue to help others. I love you guys.

Tiffany Fraijo