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John Ed Hall is a 61-year old man who is extremely ill. John has been struggling with a serious and progressive form of liver disease and hepatitis C for quite some time. Before his diagnosis, John made it a point to stay physically fit and active; he had a personal trainer and went to his gym almost every day to exercise. During a routine physical exam and blood work, John’s physician discovered his liver enzymes were elevated. Since then, John and his physician have never detected the cause of his liver problems, but without a lifesaving transplant, John’s time will soon run out — a liver transplant is John’s only hope for survival, and he desperately needs your help!

John grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and has dedicated his whole life to helping others. He loves to ride his motorcycle, has a passion for antique cars, and loves to stay physically active.John spent many years volunteering for local charitable organizations, and is well known in his community as a loyal friend. He is now very close with his family and enjoys spending time with his children. John always had a very strong work ethic, and as a salesman for many years, he took excellent care of his customers. John is actively involved in the Youth Ministry at his church and volunteers his time at church events and activities. More than ever, John looks forward to returning to these activities after his transplant, and an active and healthy lifestyle once again. Together, John and his family are committed to seeing him through the transplant process. John has reached out for so many years to help others in need – now it is time to reach out and help our dear friend, John.