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Albert Ray Clark grew up in Doniphan, Nebraska, the youngest of four children. In 1992, he married Rebecca Spitz and over the next twenty years they had six children. About fifteen years ago, Albert suffered stroke-like symptoms (inability to speak or write), although stroke and all other abnormalities were quickly ruled out. However due to his high blood pressure at that time doctors prescribed a low dose of blood pressure medication.

Otherwise Albert had been the picture of health his whole life until routine blood tests revealed the beginning of kidney failure a few years ago. Two nephrologists could not explain the cause. Kidney failure is typically caused by diabetes, drug use or alcohol abuse none of which apply in Albert’s case. Fortunately Albert’s neighbor, Bob Carroll, a very good friend and fellow volunteer firefighter, showed interest in being the donor early on in the process. After extensive testing, he was found to be a perfect match! Bob carefully followed the instructions of the transplant team at University of Nebraska Medical Center to lose some weight. The surgery was successfully performed on September 4th. Both Albert and Bob are doing very well.

Updates (1)

October 14, 2013

Albert’s doing really well. As is Bob Carroll his kidney donor. Albert’s anti rejections drugs are being reduced at surprising speeds. He’s just about ready to go back to work.