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Dear Family and Friends,

As we draw close to the end of the year, we can look back in awe and with deep gratitude at the miraculous progress Anton Xavier Clifford has made in his recovery. He survived a horrendous car accident while outside the United States. The physicians who treated him did everything within their power to preserve Anton’s life but ultimately labeled him DNR (do not resuscitate) if he were to stop breathing from cardiac or respiratory arrest. He survived air transport from Jamaica to Miami while in critical condition with a broken neck and collapsed lungs. He survived ICU and another air transport from Miami to Atlanta. He remained strong through all the physician’s doubts that he would ever be able to regain movement below his neck again. Many constants have helped Anton stay the course: he maintained a strong, positive mental attitude that he would walk again; he received the outpouring of love and support, both spiritual and financial, from a huge network of friends and family; and his belief that God has shown His grace and mercy by not giving him more than he could bear.


November 19, 2010

you remain in my thoughts and prayers Anton and fam!!

Syreeta - Durham, NC