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Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you already know, Sue (Otness) Colas has been battling non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver (NASH) for several years. We are very happy to report that Sue and her husband, Evens, traveled to the Mayo Clinic Transplant Center in Jacksonville, Florida on December 21 for her liver transplant. The life-saving transplant was successful but now there are some complications that may result in a second transplant.

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October 8, 2013

Interesting article about Environmental Toxins and Liver Disease:

January 9, 2012

Transplant Completed!!

On December 21 We got the call!

 The surgery started at 2:30am on December 22 and I was back in the room by 9am. A few hours later, they had me on my feet!  Amazing!! I will add more later but as of now, all is well, we are approaching the magical Day 21 when they will remove the staples and send us HOME!!!

What a wonderful year 2012 will be!

We still need funding for the 4-month return visit, which will be several days here at Mayo in Jacksonville and medications.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have helped us go into recovery with a minimum amount of stress.



Sue and Evens Colas 

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January 5, 2013

hi Sue-enjoyed reading your story and hope all is going well, I have a question--was your transplant at Mayo on 12-21-11?? I had a liver transplant at Mayo on 12-26-11 and went to the Gabriel House on 1-1-12.

Kathryn Felder, Fernandina Beach, FL

June 26, 2012

sue, you dont know me but my husband is Barry Barley. I lost him in April.. He also had nash. The doctor in birmingham said he would never make it through surgery. I am happy for you and your family.. Good luck

kay barley- widow of barry barley

November 8, 2011

Sue-Been thinking about you since hearing about your illness. I pray the Lord's peace for you and your donor's family. Gary

Gary Dale Missoula,MT