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Joe Colgan

HelpHOPELive Mid-Atlantic Spinal Cord Injury Fund


November 27, 2007

So happy to see all of the support you have. Looks like you've got some great friends. I'm going to do ALL of my shopping online and ALL of my searching through goodsearch. I promise to switch search engines when I want to look up something dirty. You're still my littlel Scooter.

Your Dear Auntie, Denise

November 6, 2007

Hey Joe! Its Amber G. I have your google thing up on my page and am telling everyone i know about it so we can raise as much as possible. I have you in my prayers with the angels. I hope that you and Jen can make peace with your injury and still live a great life. Keep your spirits high and i wish you all the best!

September 21, 2007

i love u your my brother-in-law and if u ever need anything u can always rely on your family for help and support we r here to listen and get u threw the rough times threw thick and thin whenever u need something just ask i envy for your strengths and courage and just keep on focusing on your goals and all your dreams will come true with one day at a time things will improve love u steph and frank

March 26, 2007

Joey, I wish you and Jenn the Best. I hope you are feeling better and keeping your spirts up. I'm only a phone call away if either of you need to talk or ANYTHING else. Keep your chin up I know it's not easy, i'm totally disabled but compared to you it's nothing. Your in my thoughts and Prayers.

Love 2 Both of You , Michele G and Family Shohola PA