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Hello to Everyone.

I am writing to all of my family and friends to update you on my medical conditions and to ask a favor. As many of you know, I received a kidney transplant in December 2009 — my daughter Chelsey was my living donor. Then in November 2011, I received a pancreas transplant. Praise God!

Updates (1)

February 15, 2011

Almost There
I only have one last hurdle for becoming a NWHospital pancreas candidate. Because of a high BK Virus from my daughter’s kidney donation, NWHospital is gathering info from my kidney doctor to see how the BK Virus was treated and to see what worked for me. I anticipate hearing from the hospital next week as to my status.


May 21, 2013

May you continue to bathe in the 'Sunlight of the Spirit'. You are commonly in my prayers for God's sweet love, direction and Grace.

Jac Copes