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Sandye is a 45-year-old woman who is in need of a double-lung transplant. For half her life, she has been living with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH), a rare progressive and incurable lung disease that is caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels and arteries leading into the lungs. This will worsen and eventually lead to heart failure. By the time Sandye was officially diagnosed (February 2, 1996), she was well past the point of early diagnosis already. The heart failure was already clearly apparent, and the PH was to the point where she immediately was put on Oxygen therapy 24/7/365, which she still remains on today. While there are drug therapies out there to help prolong and slightly improve her quality of life, a double-lung transplant is her only hope.

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January 7, 2020

January 7, 2020 ~~ I can’t tell you how exhausting and frustrating it is dealing with PH every single day. I don’t get a day off from it. I don’t get a break of any kind. Every single moment of every single day, I’m PHighting to survive. The little daily things everyone has to deal with; i.e. refilling prescriptions, paying regular bills such as electricity and phone…none of that ends. You have to deal with your PH symptoms and all of that as well. PH doesn’t rest. I don’t sleep and have constant headaches every day. The PH meds I have to take (2 separate meds a total of 3 times a day) cause fatigue and headaches. PH causes insomnia and headaches. It never ends. And I’ve been doing this for almost 24 years now. What keeps me going? Unconditional love and support from my very dear friends and family. Without them, I seriously don’t think I’d be here. They are the reason I PHight as hard as I do. Every single day I struggle, and every single day when it’s quiet at night and I’m laying awake in the wee hours of the morning, I thank God that I am still able to PHight and to be here to spend time and share my life with those people. They know who they are because I make sure to tell them as often as I can how I feel about them. Just in case any of them read this (which they probably will) I love you all and I’m so beyond Blessed and grateful to have you in my life! Thank you all. And for those of you who I haven’t met personally who may be thinking of donating to my page, thank you as well. It means a lot to me that you took the time to read what’s on my campaign page, and even thought of donating to my fund! Hugs and Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2020 is the start of a wonderful new decade for us all!

July 11, 2017

I know that I haven’t posted many updates here. Frankly, the emotional roller coaster, and overwhelming fatigue that accompanies most chronic illnesses is taking its toll on me. I just haven’t been doing nearly as much online as I used to.
I did have a great short vacation over the 4th of July holiday. I got to celebrate in the quiet peaceful albeit low elevation mountains! It was nice to hear birds chirping instead of cars and sirens. I forgot how calming that can be!
Today, I received notification that my monthly premium for my Medicare supplemental insurance will be going up starting in August of this year. It is now going to be $262.89 a month for the supplemental insurance. I have been trying to cover my monthly rent, my supplemental insurance, and my electric bill all on my own. I just can’t anymore. Your donations to my fundraising campaign here at Help Hope Live will help me to pay for part of these expenses. I obviously need my supplemental insurance in order to continue with my monthly bloodwork and regularly scheduled doctor’s visits and medication co-pays when I have them. So, as you can see the donations made to my fundraising campaign do help me a lot, and for that I am beyond grateful. To those who have donated in my honor, as well as those who lend encouragement and emotional support, I thank you with all my heart as “broken” as it may be.

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February 4, 2017

Love you bunches, Girlfriend!!! Keep kicking this thing's butt! I fully expect to see you in the group nursing home (raising all kinds of hell) when we are in our 90s!

Amy Bourne Joy

June 10, 2015

Big Hugs with Love and lots of Smiles and Sunshine all around for you Sandye!!

Dorey (Stabile) McCarron

October 17, 2008

Hi Sandye. I hope you''re doing well. I just made a contribution to help you out. I hope you raise alot.

Missi Thomas, North Huntingdon, PA