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Dear Family & Friends,

It has been over three years since my cousin Paul’s life changing motorcycle accident that left him with a spinal cord injury and paralysis. Paul is working hard to achieve his dream of walking again. He was always willing to help when you called, he’d show up first to give of his talent and time; now HE NEEDS OUR HELP to turn his dream into a reality.

Updates (4)

October 20, 2015

We had a fantastic day Saturday 10/17/15
Thank you all!
You can still Donate to Paul’s campaign page

September 1, 2015

Paul would love to hear from you- send him a message…


March 31, 2016

I am going to get you " adult coloring books" for stress relief to chill and enjoy your family..Keep your strong will to walk again. I cant believe its going to be 4 yrs since your accident.


March 9, 2016

Paul keep working hard & keep a positive outlook. You have a lot of support behind you.


October 14, 2015

Paul, my friend Maryann toke 5 raffle tickets & she put her name on 3 & your name on 2 !!⚓️


September 15, 2015

Hi Paul, Thinking of you and your beautiful family. Wishing you well and continued strength. God bless!

Janet Spicer-Conway