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My name is Harold Andrew Cox. I prefer to be called Andy or Coach. I am 57-years-old and I have been a juvenile diabetic for 32 years. I am in need of a kidney-pancreas transplant, which I will have at the Mayo Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

I have been a football coach my entire life, and most of my time was spent on the college level. I have been very lucky because I love what I do. I never had to get up and say, “Damn I have to go to work today”. Being a coach, asking for help is not an easy task. You learn from the game, somehow, someway, to get it done. However, in this situation, I need to ask for help. I have to prove to the transplant center that I can cover the cost of my rejection medicine.


August 10, 2014

Hey dad, I never got an answer from you, maybe you didnĀ“t get my messages. I have pretty good contacts to the pharma industry, I think I can help you with your medication supply. Send me a note, please. Miss you, I love you man.

Reiner Breuer

May 20, 2014

love ya forever my friend. Never forget when u you gave
me my first pair of running shoes in high school and I ran my first 5k with you. 33 years later I am still running. You still can't catch me!! I also remember when times were tough for me at U of Fl and you gave me prepaid phone cards. I will be nice and won't mention all the times you embarrassed me with your silliness. Love ya hunny bunny.

deb Hefferon ivie

May 13, 2014

Coach Cox --

It's your old buddy Rube from Tulane. I have tried contacting you in the past, but I always seem to be a few steps behind you. Hopefully we can reconnect. In the meantime, we got your back!

Michael Rubenstein