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Don Craine

HelpHOPELive Mid-Atlantic Lung Transplant Fund

Don Craine is a father of three, lives in Hookstown, Pennsylvania, and is waiting for a double lung transplant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Don was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 1989 and became highly symptomatic after returning from a year of flying during the first Gulf War. Lung transplant is now the only option to improve Don?s quality of life or longevity. Don needs help paying for uninsured medical expenses. Pre-transplant treatment, the procedure and the required hospital care, as well as the drug therapies he must maintain throughout his life can be extremely expensive. This is especially true, since lung transplant is relatively new and risky. Complications typically occur. Don?s situation is compounded. He lost his disability income, and his health insurance options became more tentative when he was furloughed as a pilot with US Airways. He is on Social Security Disability and may have only Medicare to help him with transplant expenses. Don will need to rely on the generosity of others to meet his medical costs. Don is partnering with HelpHOPELive to fundraise, manage his donations, and send payment for medical bills. This partnership ensures your contribution will be fully tax-deductible and used only to pay or reimburse medically related expenses. HelpHOPELive will maintain this service throughout Don?s life, with the highest levels of accountability. You can learn more about HelpHOPELive on this website, or by calling 800-642-8399. To contribute to Don?s fundraising campaign, click the ?Contribute Now? button below. To make others aware of Don?s need, click the ?Email to a Friend? button and type in as many addresses as you like. For more information about Don, his family, and his medical condition you can visit his website at The link is provided at the top right corner of this screen. You can download contribution sheets from his website if you find that is the best way to reach people who would be interested in helping Don and his sons in this time of need. Don is not a victim of his disease or circumstances. In many ways, the lessons he is learning through the challenges he faces are a blessing. He remains active and contributing. We ask you to help in his transition from helping others to requiring help himself. Your support is greatly appreciated!


December 2, 2006


So sorry to hear about your compounded problems. I am thankful tha Jeff let me know you needed help. It was nice to see you last summer.
God Bless and Merry Christmas

Shelley L. Bennett Moscow