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Dear Family and Friends – We need your help!

Nancy Kramer-Crawford is an outgoing wife, mother, and grandmother of five (#6 is due March 2014) who refuses to give up. She is in chronic renal failure, and also suffers from asthma, and COPD. People who know her are amazed at her positive outlook on life. She’s struggled through many surgeries and hospitalizations since 2008, and now a transplant is her only hope for survival!

Updates (6)

July 12, 2014

Hello my family & friends! It's been a while since I've been on here to update, lots of things going on.....

First & foremost, I am now officially on the National Donor List as of 06/09/14!! Yippee! Just had my yearly stress test this past Monday, 7/7/14 and I did just fine :) End of next week, I get the echo. Now that I'm on the list, I have to send them a vial of blood each month...will be drawn with my monthly lab work at Quest, gets shipped out Fed Ex to Tampa General.

As of this date, I am still NOT on dialysis, however; I think the days are drawing closer to when I will need to use it. My kidney function is still at 9, but I've been getting nauseous a few times a week. So, my dr wants Brian to sign up & start taking the classes to do home dialysis. Oh how I pray I don't need dialysis, but realistically it's been a little over 1 1/2 years since I had fistula done. If it's meant to be, so be it. My potential donor has new health issues, sad to say she can't donate a kidney to me. SO, I am on the lookout for someone O+ willing to get tested & if a match...donate me a kidney. I was informed the waiting list is approx. 3 years...I pray my kidney holds out but whatever the outcome, I thank the good Lord for keeping me going these past few years. I know my calling is to spread the word on His miraculous healing of me on several occasions. Yes, He is not ready for me yet.

A personal shout out of thanks to my brother David, who still donates money into this fund. I love you Dave! :) OK, wishing everyone a great weekend, & may God bless you all today and everyday!

February 24, 2014

Good morning all! I am doing fantastic today! I thank God everyday that I wake up & in no pain, most of all, for NOT being on dialysis! My numbers are improving, and I may have this thing under wraps...will know in a couple of weeks if things work out as planned. Just have to wait & see. Will let you know how things so as I find out. Love to all of you...I am so happy & thankful that you are in my life & have helped me as you've done, what with donating & praying, I will have my kidney THIS year, God willing!


January 14, 2014

I love you! You have such a wonderful outlook on life! Things will change this year for you! OOXX


November 24, 2013

Nancy - I know we don't "know" each other, but I so enjoy being your farmer friend. I'm sending a check out tomorrow. You are very strong and I know you will beat this. I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and will have an operation for a double mastectomy in the next few weeks. So I will keep you in my prayers and would like yours for me also! Keep smiling!

Deanna Perkins

November 21, 2013

I love you Momma!