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Linda Needs Your Help

Linda thought she came down with a seasonal virus in December 2014 but after several visits to her doctor she learned she was in heart failure. When she was first hospitalized in January, Linda was expecting to go home with new medication and a few days rest. She was hospitalized for most of January and February and underwent many tests and, along with friends and family, continued to pray the medication would start working. Her condition continued to decline. During her last hospital stay, Linda received an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) which now pumps the left ventricle for her. Linda has also been told that she needs a life-saving heart transplant.

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October 31, 2018

Linda J.

“I started my yoga practice 6 months after having a heart transplant. With my doctors clearance, my friend Bobbi Anne Thomas (another yogi) signed me up and purchased me a mat!

It was recommended that I try yoga prior to my transplant, but I was living on a life support device (Lvad) and I was concerned about protecting my driveline and being 10 lbs heavier on my left side. I wish I understood the adaptive class during that time.

I am grateful for joining yoga home and for the adaptive class. I have limitations with physical activity and a ton of scar tissue that prevents me from practicing some poses. Kerri has been a God send, and the prop fairy, for providing me with alternative ways for poses that I can actually do! I can take what I learn and apply in the other classes I take- gentle and yin.

I have been a part of the yoga home community for around a 1.5 years now. There is a feeling of warmth and acceptance as soon as you walk through the door. Every instructor has been understanding and helpful with my limitations. I have made a great group of new friends that add to the support and community feeling.

I am glad I took the opportunity to try something new and grateful for the gentle nudges by friends to try yoga. “

October 17, 2018

I wrote a piece for World Health Day

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November 21, 2018

They say mind is a terrible thing to waste because the mind is vastly important.... But it's the word heartbreaking that lets us know the profundity of what the heart does and can do....

Loi Le

November 1, 2018

Can't make it down this year. Have an amazing night! And a wonderful, healthy year to come.

Emily Raively

October 17, 2018

Hi Linda I read your piece "the me you don't see" and was touched. I am the mom of an 18 y/o son who is waiting to get on the kidney transplant list. I have been with him every step of his life as he has struggled with what dr's believe is a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy and now as he struggles with end stage renal disease. It IS very difficult for people to understand what you go through and even though I don't know exactly what Stephen is feeling I have an small idea and as his mom I hurt for him in every way. Trivial responses actually hurt more than silence. People don't really know what to say and thus so often what comes out does little to encourage and often just makes us angry or sad. I know that Stephen keeps much to himself as well because he doesn't want me to feel bad or worry even more. But what a heavy burden to carry. I will include you in my prayers tonight. May God bless you Linda! - Melissa (Stephen Lee's mom)


October 22, 2016

Linda, I am so very happy for you, keep on fighting, the world is rooting for you. Keep smiling, your demeanor, attitude and always pleasant personality is a light for all. we wish you the very best !

Neal & Verna Rogove