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Last March, Adrian Steffes was diagnosed with a progressive and advanced form of liver cancer and genetic form of liver disease. Unfortunately, without a lifesaving transplant, Adrian will soon run out of time and won’t be able to survive on his own. This news has been devastating to both Adrian and his family — however, they have been very supportive and hope to see him through the transplant process.

Adrian has been married to his loving wife, Jayne for over 40 years. He is a wonderful father of two young ladies and a proud new grandfather to an adorable baby girl. Adrian is also a brother, a mentor, a loyal friend and trustworthy neighbor to many people. Since moving to Houston in 1989, Adrian has volunteered for many community organizations. He has spent countless hours at Klein Volunteer Fire Department, on a HLS Rodeo committee, as a Bridgestone MUD Director, and is the liaison with the Constables and Engineers. Adrian has also volunteered for the Bridgestone & Candlelight Hills Swim Teams, and has officiated for both daughters’ high school and USA swim teams.

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November 14, 2019

Well, its been a long time since I updated anything. The past year has been a very busy, time-consuming, physical and mental period.

Following my 2nd year annual at the Med-Center which went very good and only a few tweeks to my routine and meds. Than my quarterly labs with the Center came and the results looked great with 1 exception I saw and figured Ill wait and see what the Doc had to say. Since we met there has always been a straight forward and frank discussions over lab results or other things I would bring up or request approvals for and this time was no different. Nothing was said about this test result and for some reason I let it go and started to research on my own.

I figured it out and went to my Primary Care Dr. and requested his thoughts. I was referred to a Specialist and ran several series of labs before my appt. At the appt. I was told of my situation and it wasn’t pretty.

I was diaignosed with CKD, Stage 3. Kidney Disease.. First we started talking about dialysis and even transplant. I had another lab in two weeks and asked her if we could wait for those tests to confirm. When they came back, it was a little better and she stated if I get a grip on things like diet at first she would see if there was a base and if so, that would place me into a known position on what lies ahead.
Basically, ever since I have had continued results improving. I will always have CKD but with a score that requires only diet and continue my life. This was a secret Jayne and I keep until things settled and we had solid results and told the girls.


September 27, 2017

OK….It’s been awhile since I have updated and I believe I’m at a point where I can say the light is bigger and brighter at the tunnels end.
The past several months have been monumental in all areas physically, mentally and spiritually. I have seen the side effects from drugs disappear, if not totally, to a degree where it is at an acceptable level. I have also witnessed the damage a single drug can do months after you stopped taking it. I had a tendon torn from 2 muscles and the bone itself. No surgery thus a walking boot.
One of the main drugs I was taking was a large contributor to these issues. Upon being weaned off of it totally, I can say it was the worst months I had since day 1 of this illness. It’s been six weeks since I have been totally off of it and finally can see most of the worst part of the withdrawals are behind me.
OK…enough of the negative schit. During my 9 month post-trans visits to my wonderful Doctors, I received nothing but great news. First, I was able to see Dr. Goss. He & Dr. Mahoney were the two primary surgeons during the procedure and has a knack to lay it out period…Good or Bad. He gave me clearances for many items that normally are take for granted. Several items were OK’d to the objections of the Transplant Coordinator whom was politely told she didn’t have a fight in these matters. Some don’t make sense but in November, they will all be worked out such as kayaking and wade fishing being OK’d but not allowed to go into any lakes, streams, bays, oceans etc. I asked and he told me to be careful and not tip the kayak over.
At 9 months, I am still cancer-free. The little node in my right lung is still there and still concerning to others. No change in size thus nothing to worry about. It has been a large pain in my a… . It has bounced me off the transplant list once, almost twice, initiated 2 biopsies, numerous MRI’s & Pet Scans and procedure to be scoped inside the lung. They had me scheduled for surgery to remove part of lung but surgeon fought the surgery for several reasons including my chances leaving the table alive.
At my Endocrinologist, I also was given great news. My blood sugars seem to be under control, the first time in six years. My A1C has dropped from high 10 ish to a 5.7. He also stated that if my weight is tweaked (nice way to say LOSE weight) by December, I should be able to stop insulin.
And last but far from the least in early August I was contacted by the organization “Life Gift”, requesting my OK for them to forward a letter from the Donors family to me. I accepted and found out all about my Donor.
Anna, a young lady of 24 years, gave me and three other recipients a gift of life by donating her organs upon her death that day. When I received the call that night, I now know why it was like no other call. Up until I received a ample supply of joy juice, everyone on the team came up and told me that the donor was special, 24 years old and to take care of myself afterwards. I now know what they meant.
At this time, I have shared correspondence with Anna’s family through the Medical Center and “Life Gift” and both parties have filled out the paperwork covering all legal issues, agreeing to meet in person. “Life Gift” has offered for them to coordinate and find a mutual agreed time and place for the family’s to meet in person for the first time. At this time, both parties only know what was in the letters written to each other in which the letters were reviewed and any information outside the guidelines given to both parties were eradicated. Basically we know each other’s first names, no locations and no phone numbers.
In closing, I want to extend my Thanks to everyone for their Thoughts & Prayers, volunteering and working tirelessly in all aspects of the Family Fun Days, Spaghetti Dinner and Golf Tournaments, phone calls, letters and donations. All have been very much appreciated and will never be forgotten nor can I extend my Thanks enough to everyone.
God Bless All of You.

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September 16, 2015

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Everybody at Equi-Tax Inc.

August 28, 2015

Keep your spirits high. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We may not see each other often but you have not been forgotten. Love to you and your family.

Mabel (Leibold) Foster

June 13, 2015

Stay strong, Adrian! You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Always remember God is good and He is with you always! Keep the faith!

With Love, Paul and Annette

June 8, 2015

You are in our thoughts and prayers every single day. Stay positive and stay strong. You have so many friends and family who love and care about you. We are all in this with you to give you love and support.

Julia & Sophia Roszak