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Lil Ray Needs a Transplant and His Family Needs Your Help!

My grandson, Ray Glass III was born in March, 2014. Almost immediately the doctors noticed a problem. Ray has had multiple surgeries, procedures, tests and has been in the hospital for months on end. Ray had one kidney fail and has lost his other kidney to kidney disease. He will be placed on the transplant list as soon as he has gained the weight he needs to be eligible, which the doctors believe will be in six months. In the meantime, dialysis will keep him alive until he can get a transplant. The amazing thing about this little fighter is that he continues to smile through his fight.

Updates (8)

October 12, 2015

Lil ray is now scheduled to come home tuesday. Bc he will have clinic visits every tues and fri they didnt want to send him home just to turn around and come back tues.

To be honest I am nervous for him to come home. There is so much to do for him. Meds, shots, blood pressure checks, gtube feeding and keeping him out of mischief. Its just been so long since he has been home.

We are getting our room together bc he will be with us bc his feedings overnight will cause his machine to alarm overnight. And its not fair for the other kids to wake them up.

I know this will get easier, its just scarier bc there is not a nurse outside the door. And all that he has been through this past year.

September 2, 2015

Ray is doing well with his dialysis. He is trying to regain ground with learning to walk talk and tryin relearn how to eat. All. The skills he lost since he was down so long and being tube feed.

Ray will receive his mother's kidney on September 29th if all goes as planned. Katie Ray's mom thanks everyone for the and prayers.


May 19, 2015

Prayers for little man!!!!

Amy Crandall

May 17, 2015

Love you guys Katie and we pray for all of you daily!! Your family as a unit is incredibly strong! Give it to God.

Crystal Colaric

May 16, 2015

Katie you are and Ray are in my prayers. passing this along to others in hope they can help you guys out <3