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David Bradshaw (55) has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis and Hepatitis C. His doctors at the University of Virginia hospital have told him that he needs a life-saving liver transplant to survive.

Some of you knew Dave growing up in Middleburg, or know him from Winchester where he lives now. He is part of a loving family and has many friends. He worked in real estate like his father, may have sold you your first house, helped you clean out your house, or gave you a ride somewhere. Dave has always been known as the one you will see bouncing down the street, laughing and happy just to be alive! Sadly, Dave is no longer the jokester in the crowd, the one running around 90 miles an hour, or the one that lifts up the 200 lb. object. Due to his poor health, he is no longer able to work and do much of what he has always enjoyed.

Updates (4)

October 29, 2015

Had to go back to Uva Medical. I had to have my artury to my liver ballooned twice to get to right size for proper blood flow. All is good just been having pain but Im told this is normal

October 20, 2015

Feeling very blessed. Having my labs done two times a week and taking alot of meds everyday. I go back to see my doctor the 26th of October. So far my labs look good and my liver is 100


August 7, 2015

Patience is a virtue. Time is of essence. Hope is not lost. Don't give up David! I am honored 2 know you : )

Karen Butler

August 3, 2015

Sending prayers your way David. Everything is going to be ok

Brenda Springer

July 23, 2015

God will see you through this ♡ You are tough guy David! Keep your head above water....You are going too be ok. Sending prayers your way.....Know that God is listening too every ones prayers and his hand is on you....

Isabell Warrington

June 5, 2015

David, Warren, Cindy, and I speak fondly of our childhood in Middleburg and your name comes up every time. You were one of my closest friends from kindergarten through 3rd grade! We send you our encouragement and support.

David Nicholson