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Two and a half years ago, Shay Iqbal was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease IgA Nephropathy. We had no idea he had this; there were no symptoms and the only way we discovered this was medical care for a nonrelated issue. The disease had been there for quite some time, attacking his kidneys to where he had very little function left. Shay underwent chemotherapy to stop the progression of the disease. We quickly discovered that all efforts to preserve kidney function were futile and that Shay would need to start dialysis and would need a life-saving kidney transplant.

Shay, a husband and father of four wonderful children was facing the prospect of waiting many years on a transplant list for a deceased donor kidney. Two and a half years from diagnosis, we are three weeks from transplant, because of the generous sacrificial choice of a fellow church member who will be a live donor for Shay.

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November 17, 2016

I had intended to write an update earlier than this but life has been a little busy! First, thank you all so much for sacrificially giving to our medical needs. It's unbelievable, thank you!!! There has been a medical issue that came up with the donor that is putting the transplant on hold. Our date of November 22 has been cancelled. Shay is still on the list & at any moment is eligible for a deceased donor kidney should one become available. However, with 1,000 people waiting & Shay only being listed for 1 1/2 years, the likelihood of receiving a deceased kidney is very small. So, we continue to wait for that or for details with a living donor. The money given will be here waiting for us when a surgery is scheduled. Again, thank you so much for your generosity & love!

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