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Hi Everyone, Angela is going on her third year post transplant. She has encountered a few medical setbacks, one is her kidneys trying to fail her due to the anti-rejection meds. We have another third year travel coming up this spring, 2019, to Georgetown, DC for procedures to determine all is well with her new intestines. Each year we usually run this to help raise funds for the upcoming trip, which helps with gas, food and lodging each way. A little behind this year, but any amount will help.

Angela is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, sister and good friend to many. For the past 13 years she has been in and out of the hospital numerous times, has had emergency surgeries, been diagnosed with Sepsis, MRSA, received all her nutrition thru a feeding tube, has liver damage, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Due to her compromised immune system she must refrain from germs, illnesses and certain medications. Angela still struggles with heart disease and side effects from her lifelong medicines since her intestinal transplant in August, 2016.

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December 29, 2018

Angela had a setback in September 2018 showing kidney failure. She became dehydrated, frail, and lethargic. She has slowly felt better, but her kidney labs are still not up to par. We want to thank all of you who has helped out each year, and Praying God will look after us on the upcoming travel.

February 23, 2018

Please share my site. I'm in Augusta ga and donation will help. I also need volunteers for any fundraisers, and the helphopelive staff will give you all the flyers and help.


January 5, 2019

we need to help each other


September 15, 2016

Oh Angie I couldn't be happier for you and your family. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Best of luck and God be with you.

Dawn Smith

August 21, 2016

You are in my daily prayers. I am so happy your transplant was a success! God bless you and you loving family!

Debbie Farr