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Dear Friends, Family and Community,

My mother, MaryLou Philhower has been suffering from diabetes and is now in end stage renal failure. Her only option is a life-saving kidney transplant. She is very fortunate because my brother, Scott is a match and will be able to give her the ultimate gift of life.

Updates (2)

July 9, 2015

Thanks Stephanie we are both recovering nicely. The prayers are always the answer so thank you for keeping them up. Lap check in Livingston in am. will keep u posted.

June 12, 2015

Thanks to all who are following my page for your thoughts, prayers and contributions. Surgery is scheduled for June 30, 2015. Our family meeting will take place in Livingston on June 19,2015. We will have an opportunity to ask the professionals all our questions. Please keep us in your prayers.


July 7, 2015

Hope you and Scott are recovering rapidly. I'm still praying!

Stephanie Sakosits

June 14, 2015

Mary Lou, I feel so lucky to have you and your very beautiful, loving family in my life and in the lives of my family. You are dealing with this experience with bravery and grace. You give everyone around you so much strength and courage. Scott is an inspiration and a hero to all of us who hold you so very dear. You are in my heart, precious cousin, as are Stanley, Scott, Mary Beth, and Lorelei. With love and lots of prayers, Mair xxxooo

Your adoring cousin, Mair

June 2, 2015

MaryLou was an amazing daughter and friend to our mother and she was very supportive and an and an awesome sister to Kath-a-ryn, both who are now in heaven watching over all of us to keep us safe, healthy and happy. MaryLou knows how much she means to all of her siblings and how much we appreciate all she does for each of us. For me, gave me the gift of her unconditional love but even more extraordinary Mary Lou gave me the ultimate gift of playing a major roll in the raising of Scott and Marybeth. It was not in the cards for me to bare children yet I feel like I was very blessed to be such a big part of their lives. My heart if full of love for you all and I can hardly control myself to type this message. There are no words to fully express the feelings of love that Mom, Kathy and I had and still have for MaryLou. She is one of the most giving and generous and compassionate people I've be privileged to have in my life. You are so strong for everyone else...please stay strong for yourself. I love you. Friends and family, thank you all for your prayers, support and contributions. Net

Annette Bracco, Your loving sister.