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John Lini is a 59 year-old man who is very ill. He has been suffering for many years with both pulmonary fibrosis and scleroderma, serious and progressive lung diseases that causes scarring and tissue damage to healthy lung tissue. John has been fighting and battling these serious illnesses for many years. Without treatment, his lung condition will continue to progress and he will eventually run out of time.

John has explored the option of stem cell treatments, and feels at this time this is his best treatment option. The type of stem cell treatment he is seeking does not use cells from embryos, but uses cells from John’s own body that are re-harvested and infused back into his body. It is known as a bone marrow stem cell procedure. This is a two-part outpatient procedure and is minimally invasive and is completed over the course of three days. It will give John the ability to be able to breathe better. Each day will require several hours in a doctor’s office. After the stem cells have been collected and reintroduced into his body, they can begin the healing process. At this point, he will be able to return to the comfort of his own home.

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October 4, 2016

Still working at it — need to lose weight (about 30 pounds) to be listed on the transplant waiting list. Might go for a second injection. It’s tough to get past this weight loss plateau. Any tips?

February 29, 2016

IMPORTANT HEALTH UPDATE FOR JOHN: John is presently undergoing medical testing and evaluation, and working closely with the University of Ann Arbor Hospital to consider evaluation for a lung transplant surgery. John, along with his team of medical professionals, feel as if John’s lung health continues to decline. His lung function is deteriorating and John’s need for oxygen is growing greater and greater. John is working hard, following his doctor’s orders, and has started pulmonary rehab. and an exercise regimen to help with the preparation for his lung transplant. Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers, and most of all consider a financial contribution during this crucial point in his life. Thank you again for your generous support and financial contributions! John will keep you posted with his health and make periodic updates to his page.

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