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Susan LeBel is only 44 years-old, and suffering from a severe lung condition known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. As a result, Susan needs medical treatment, or her medical condition will continue to deteriorate. Non-embryonic stem cell therapy, a treatment where stem cells can help repair lung tissue, is Susan’s safest option at this time.

Susan has sought treatment at the Lung Institute, which utilizes autologous stem cells, or those derived from a patient’s own body. Stem cells from Susan’s body can help repair lungs affected by lung disease by regenerating new lung tissue and replacing once damaged lung tissue. This type of treatment is the safest option for Susan, as she struggled for many years with progressive COPD. A lung transplant would pose greater risk to Susan both during and after surgery, at this time. Organ rejection and side effects from medication and invasive surgery are great risks for Susan’s frail and weak body, that she cannot handle at this time.

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August 29, 2015

Love you Suzie Q. Hopefully this will happen soon.

P. Applebee

August 20, 2015

Love ya Susan - Everything is gonna work out for you - God Bless

Meri Louise Noyes

August 13, 2015

Love you Susan...i wish you all the best...wish i could of donate more but something is something...stay strong like i know you are and never give up

Maria Estrella