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Slate Needs a Lifesaving Kidney Transplant

At the young age of 16, Slate Creek became very sick. It took doctors four years to determine what was wrong. He was in the end stage of kidney failure. Both of his kidneys had shut down. An answer to his prayers came in June 2005, when Slate received a kidney donated by his mother, Melody. He had since lived a happy and healthy life and in November 2014 Slate got married to the love of his life, Katie Ayres.

Updates (3)

February 12, 2017

Great News!
Slate is having a Kidney Transplant in 2 weeks at UF Shands in Gainesville, Florida. Our wonderful cousin Lauren is donating a kidney. Her selfless act will be saving Slate’s life. Without her, Slate still be facing a long battle on the wait list and many more Dialysis treatments.
Lauren will be out of work for a few weeks during recovery. We are trying to raise money to help offset any expenses to her in addition to funding Slate’s transplant.

June 28, 2016

This year has been flying by and so has Slate’s health. He is now in tremendous pain due to dialysis reeking havoc on his body. His calcium is being pulled out of his bones which has caused his bones to now be very brittle.

Still no news on getting a transplant. We still have packets to mail out for those who are interested in learning more about becoming a donor.


July 27, 2016

Slate, didn't know you were back at the fight. Sending a lot of love and hope your way. Hang in there!!!

Billy and Amanda Latsko