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Mary Powell is a 59 year-old woman who desperately needs your help. For many years, Mary has been struggling with a severe and debilitating case of congestive heart failure, and her cardiologist informed her that her heart will eventually stop functioning. Mary has undergone numerous medical and surgical procedures, including an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, or ICD device. Over the years,her heart has grown weaker and her only option is to have a life-saving heart transplant.

Mary has worked very hard at her career as a nurse for over 24 years. She loves helping people and is a very kind and generous person. Mary grew up in Jackson, MI and graduated from Jackson High School. She then attended Jackson Community College of Nursing where she received her nursing degree. Mary has a 33-year-old son and enjoys spending time with her very first granddaughter, who was born this past October. More than ever, Mary is looking forward to spending more time with her new granddaughter and getting back to the activities she once enjoyed. Mary’s loving and supportive family are committed to seeing her through her upcoming transplant surgery.

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