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As many of you know, in August 2013 Chase was involved in a devastating car accident and sustained a C 5,6,7 spinal cord injury. He has remained stoic and hopeful even in the face of numerous obstacles that have hindered his progress.

At the time of the accident, he was 19 years old with plans of returning to college. It is imperative that Chase receive continuous physical therapy, however his therapy sessions through his insurance carrier have already been exhausted for this calendar year. Currently, Chase does not qualify for Medicare, and Medicaid coverage is extremely limited.

Updates (1)

July 9, 2015

We will be adding a FUN, Fundraising event with a Raffle and Silent auction in the not to distant future! Thank You in Advance


July 31, 2015

you know my prayers are with you always. I know you will keep working to succeed in what GOD has planned for you. Love

Mary Knott

July 26, 2015

Keep moving forward chase and remember never let those "bad days" here and there stop you from feeling strong. Recovery is such a crazy, unpredictable thing, and all that matters is that you stay motivated and feel proud of yourself for working so hard, because you deserve it!!!!!

Shariar Mokrian

July 25, 2015

Your endurance will pay off Chase...Prayers that you can return to college soon and that you continue to gain strength physically and mentally with the help of God.

Mary Martin Koski and Family