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Over 20 years ago, Susan Crawford was diagnosed with a severe and progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

My Life Today:

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March 18, 2022

There is aother need in my live now with my MS and now due to a car accident which I was sitting still and an SUV rear ended me at a high rate of speed without breaking. I blacked out for a few minutes and came to with a concussion and whiplash and back and neck injury and pain. Started getting medical help from a medical worker for many months and trusted this man. Then he sexually assaulted me forcefully with injuries which I had to go to the hospital. I am getting medical help from a Doctor who treats women of sexual assault. I need help with paying for medical assistance for my pain and injury due to the assault and for my neck and back pain and injury. I have diminished all my savings and live on a low income. Thank you for your kindness and helping me, Susan Crawford

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September 2, 2015

My prayers and love are with you and your family.

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