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Two years ago, my mom, Cheryl Kahler started dialysis and was told that she needs a kidney transplant. The process to get on the transplant list has been trying. She was told to lose 30 pounds and she lost 50! Thankfully she is now on the transplant list. Through all of the doctor visits and testing, my mom stayed strong and I am very proud of her! I hope that the struggles that our family has been through within the last two years will soon come to a close and I will be there with my mom to get a kidney.

While the gift of a transplant is lifesaving it is very financially draining and I don’t want my mom to have that stress as well. Even with insurance, there are many out-of-pocket expenses including copays for doctor and hospital visits, and the very expensive post-transplant medications that she will have to take for the rest of her life. Also, she will be on a limited income while she is healing and recuperating from the surgery. We would also like to offer any potential donors assistance with their out-of-pocket expenses as they would be doing us a great deed and they should not have to struggle.

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December 1, 2017

A very wonderful person passed away in July and I received one of the Kidneys they wanted donated. I don't know who it was or really anything about them. I am just grateful that they signed up to be a donor. So far I am doing quite well. There have been a couple of complications but all in all it has been great. Not having to be on dialysis is an incredible feeling of freedom. I'm looking forward to a healthy future with my family. Thank you everyone that has donated to me the funds have helped me pay for all the meds I get to take now.. approximately 50 - 60 pills a day. I hear that that will go down as time goes on.

July 19, 2017

wonderful news, I got my transplant on July 13. The surgery went well and I was home in 4 days, Now recovery begins. So far so good, no complications.

Please consider still donating to me. Its going to be several weeks before I go back to work and Oregon doesn't offer short term disability nor does my office. I have some really nice writing pens that I am selling if you are interested in a pen and donate to me I would be happy to send you some. They are purple and have a smile on them and say "smile, it confuses people"


July 20, 2017

Sorry, not much but enough for you and Skylah to get a Starbucks together and hang out :) Love ya and hope to see you soon!

Lisa Masters