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Emmanuel “Manny” Martinez was born on May 22, 2009 a minute ahead of his twin brother, Danny. My husband and I could not have felt happier, our family was finally complete. Unfortunately, Manny had to remain in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but was reunited with Danny after twelve days. Bringing him home made us realize that something was not right with our son Manny. Like most babies, Danny would get excited and kick his little legs, but Manny would not. He showed excitement by moving his arms wildly from side to side. We brought this up to the their pediatrician, who assured us that Manny was just a “late bloomer” and that everything would be fine.

Five months later, Manny was finally seen by a neurologist who ordered a MRI of his brain and spine. Days later the results were in – and the news we were given would change our lives forever. The MRI revealed there was an injury to his spinal cord which apparently resulted from a stroke in-utero. That day we learned that Manny would probably never walk.