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Sara was born six weeks early, weighing in at 3lb. 4oz. At age one she was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia and Cerebral Palsy (CP). When she was six she had reconstructive hip surgery and later, at age 12, she had a titanium rod inserted into her back to correct scoliosis.

Sara grew up using a wheelchair as she was unable to walk, run, jump rope, or play at the playground like other kids. Now, as a young adult, she continues to need help with dressing, feeding, bating, etc. Even with limited motor skills Sara is able to work her computer! She is looking forward to finding a bit of independence through employment at the Village of Carpentersville doing data processing. She is really excited to be able to go to work, but we need your help.


September 17, 2015

Hi Sara! I am happy to help such a great girl get out and conquer the world. The world is a better place when your smile is out and about. And your laugh is one of my all time favorites! Good luck and I hope you reach your goal soon.

Cindy Poegel

September 1, 2015

Hi Sara Rico Jason barthel will help you

jason barthel

August 8, 2015

My niece Sara is a very special girl. Loving, good-natured and determined! Her laugh is so contagious it will put a smile on everyone's face! Sara has accomplished a lot in her journey to adulthood. She has done well in school, learned to use a computer attended her prom and always ready for a party. Now the opportunity of employment. Her uncle Larry loved her very much. He built a wheel chair ramp so that Sara could attend family gatherings and holidays at our home. Larry had a special way of making Sara laugh, so hard, that everyone joined in not knowing what we were all laughing about! Sara's mom and older sister Alexis, are dedicated to her daily care and well being, a job at times that is not so easy. Sara has an opportunity to go to work that will provide her some independence and much needed interaction with people. With Sara's special needs a wheel chair equipped vehicle is needed to transport her to work. I truly believe we are on this earth to help others, in small ways either by a kind gesture or in a more tangible way. Your consideration is much appreciated. Thanks

Sharon Kozak

August 6, 2015

Hello everyone i name is Steven Lebbing. I had know Sara since High School. We went to Jacobs High School together for one year i was a SR and she was a freshman. Also i know her order sister Alexis me and her went to Elgin Community College together for 2 years. Since i used to date Sara best friend Maria who is also in a wheelchair. So even that me and Maria broke up two years ago and do not talk to each or see each other anymore. I would love to help Sara and her family. So please help Sara and family. Sara i will be praying for you and your family everyday. I hope to hear some great news soon!!

Steven Lebbing