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Praying for Greg

Dear Friends and Family,

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May 19, 2016

Good Morning!
If you have been following us along on our Facebook page, you know we have had many challenges since the beginning of this year. The short version is catheter clogging, spastic bladder, seizures, subarachanoid hemorrhage, medicine toxicity, insomnia, and finally off 7 meds to now….sleeping sleeping sleeping all the time.

Greg is on 7 less meds, but is now on valium in leiu of 5 of the meds. He sleeps all the time. So we are trying to figure that out now. Overall, he is doing SO much better than he was.

He is on less medicine, he no longer has a supra pubic, he has vest therapy at home, and we are sleeping through the night.

The big news for this year. All of your donations helped us to:
1. pay off our Handicap accessible van. Thank you.
2. purchase a back up manual wheelchair for when Greg’s power chair was malfunctioning.
3. turn a rental power lift into a purchased power lift (for transferring him in and out of his bed to his chair)
4. with the rest we have been able to be reimbursed for some of the private pay for our hired caregiver.

Thank you. I cannot begin to explain the depth of the impact these 4 things make on our daily life.

Going forward we are trying to build a new home while paying for our existing home. We have a team of people that have stepped forward and up to help us in ways we just did not think were possible. We are praying hard and just moving forward with our goals not knowing how each milestone will be met, but believing they will. The power of prayer and community continue to amaze us. We feel so blessed to be living in such a faith filled state of active grace.

We are in need of building materials. If you have referrals, contacts or are able to donate: THANK YOU! Concrete, rock, sheet rock, etc. Gift certificates to Lowe’s or Home Depot.

November 8, 2015

We are home now and working on finding a routine. Greg is doing well. He is very bored but starting to spend more time on his computer. In the future, we are planning on trying to keep Greg going to out patient Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Next week we will go to our first round of doctor appointments to try to get a home base team in place. The funds we raise here will go towards care-giving to give me some respite. I am 24/7 100% right now. We will also need a ceiling lift later on to help me with transfers. Thank you so much for following our life as it plays out and lifting us up in prayer and support.

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May 23, 2016

Greg, April, I continue to think and pray for you guys. My pray is that you will wIll walk again. Hope that new addition will work well for you....... I'm basically retired from Jones. We separated my office into three about a eighteen months ago. All three of them have won diversification trips. We plan on making McMinnville 'home base' and have a place in Pensacola Florida, where I grew up. We are leaning toward a live-a-board boat. Continued Prayers your way

Dave Wideman

December 17, 2015

Hey Greg and April. I came to visit you folks in the Shepherd Center. I am also in a wheelchair. My cousin Joy in Alabama told me about you. I made a small contribution to your fund today in my wife's name. As you know many folks are praying including us. My prayer is we are both walking and can watch the next Alabama vs Mississippi game in person. I will buy the tickets.

Jerry Watkins